Have you been charged with theft or fraud, from shoplifting up to serious federal crimes such as wire fraud?

Common consequences for theft or fraud conviction include losing your money and your job, and because potential employers will have access to your record, it will be ten times harder for you to get a new job if convicted. Whether you’ve been newly charged with theft or fraud or have already been convicted and are seeking record clearance to gain a chance at a better future, Michael Levinsohn can help you.

Did you know these theft and fraud facts?

1. There are many different types of theft, but the severity of charges you might face usually depends on the total worth of what was alleged to be stolen: anything in excess of $950 is considered Grand Theft; below $950 is considered Petty Theft.
2. Types of fraud include credit card fraud, wire fraud, insurance fraud, and identity theft. Some of these are federal charges and can have very steep penalties.
3. If you are convicted of fraud, in addition to jail time, fines, and restitution, you will also lose any professional licences you might hold, whether you are doctor, real estate broker, stockbroker, etc.
4. If you’ve already been convicted of theft or fraud, having your record cleared of this charge can be positively life-changing. An experienced attorney can help you discover whether this is an option for you.

"I fully trusted his knowledge of the
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I was charged with multiple felony counts. I had retained Michael Levinshon and watched him turn 11 felony counts into a full dismissal. He is an amazing attorney, and without his representation I'm not sure what my outcome may have been. He delivered what he promised!"

Theft or Fraud Case Study


Theft or Fraud Case Study here


Theft or Fraud Case Study here

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