DCFS/CPS - Juvenile Dependency Case

"I would recommend Michael to
battling with DCFS."

“I hired Michael when my children were suddenly removed from my custody by LA County DCFS on extremely tenuous grounds. Due to Michael's tireless efforts, I was able to get them back at the earliest possible moment, at the initial detention hearing. I have since been told that this rarely happens. Once DCFS gets their claws into your family, it can take months to get your children back. The trial was then set for two months after the detention hearing. During those 2 months, Michael was constantly in touch and working to secure a dismissal at the trial. I was always kept fully informed about my case and any possible outcomes/potential difficulties. This gave me peace of mind during an extremely stressful time. The case was dismissed with prejudice at the trial hearing, meaning that DCFS could no longer legally harass my family. I would recommend Michael to anyone battling with DCFS. He should be on the emergency number list for anyone with kids. My experience has shown that DCFS can show up unexpectedly at *anyone's* door. If they are not handled correctly, the situation can quickly turn into a nightmare.”

- Rachel

"This man is AMAZING!!!

"Not only is he always available to answer all my legal questions fully but he got my case completely dismissed without me having to be there. As a nursing mother facing jail time, he is my hero! Now Mommy can stay home and focus on what matters, my babies. Although I only recently hired Michael, I have been calling on him for legal advice in various situations for over four years prior. Never did he ask for a dime or turn his back on me. What a blessing this man is! Thank you doesn't seem like enough. His knowledge and care are insurmountable and I've been through quite a few lawyers! Thank you so very much, Michael!"

- JenAlysse

"A Long Journey
But Well Worth the Wait."

“I was charged with felony drug convictions with multiple priors. I was looking at doing serious time for a nonviolent drug offense. It was a long road but at the end of the jury trial the jurors couldn't come up with a verdict twice, resulting in no conviction. This is where the litigating experience is needed which tons of attorneys cannot do well. He will argue, litigate, fight, and represent to the death for you.”

- Graham

"Best Criminal Attorney!"

"I was charged with multiple felony counts. I had retained Michael Levinshon and watched him turn 11 felony counts into a full dismissal. I fully trusted his knowledge of the law and his ability to prevail even during the hardest situations. He is an amazing attorney, and without his representation I'm not sure what my outcome may have been. He delivered what he promised!"

- Anonymous

"Life Saver"

“Unbelievably great lawyer! It was amazing to watch, he crushed in the courtroom. It was like watching a perfectly orchestrated play. Word of advice to anyone seeking a lawyer for ANY criminal case, ESPECIALLY medical marijuana defense: contact this guy.”

- Anonymous

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