Sex Charges

Have you been wrongfully accused of sex crimes?

“Collateral damage” from a sex crime allegation is often worse than the sentence you could receive if convicted. A sex crime accusation is not only humiliating, but you will have to register as a sex offender.  That can cause you to lose your job, your gun rights, and even your children. Sex offender registration and a conviction can cause you an extreme loss of personal freedom, up to and including time in prison. Whether you’ve been charged and need representation, or wrongfully convicted and are seeking adjustments to your record to restore your personal freedoms, contact Michael Levinsohn today!

Did you know these facts about sex crime charges?

1. The social stigma from a sex crime allegation can far outweigh the legal consequences. If convicted of a sex crime, you will likely have to register as a sex offender, which means that anyone—including employers and neighbors—can look you up online. If you fail to register on every birthday and every time you change residence, you can go to prison.
2. If you are charged with a sex crime in the state of California, a restraining order will automatically be issued by the court.
3. With a protective restraining order you will be prohibited from possessing firearms, and must surrender any that you own.
4. Even if you have been wrongfully convicted of a sex crime, with the right legal help you may be able to have your record adjusted so that you don’t have to register as a sex offender.

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Even a Polygraph Can Lie


A young African-American man is accused of raping a teenage girl. The only evidence is verbal: the girl’s statement to a deputy sheriff and the young man’s supposed “confession” during a polygraph exam. There is no forensic evidence: no fibers, no fingerprints, no hair, and no fluids. No SART (Suspected Abuse Response Team) exam was performed. There were only words.  

During interrogation, a deputy sheriff tells the young man that if he tells the truth, they won’t think he’s a rapist, or even a “criminal.” They say he should get what he’s done off his chest and they won’t think he’s a bad person. But if he lies to them, and continues to deny what he’s done, they will think he’s a criminal. They never turn on the polygraph machine he’s hooked up to, and they never tell him that it’s not on.  

And the young man never says that he committed any assault. Instead, his interrogators tell him that they know that he did it, and get him to agree to this by saying that if he just says “yes” to them, everything will be okay and they won’t think he’s a criminal. They don’t exactly tell him they’ll let him go, but they do say, over and over, he won’t be a “criminal” if he’ll just agree with them.


With no forensic evidence and no actual, true confession, the young man is found not guilty.

The Jury's Verdict:

Not Guilty

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