Juvenile Defense

Is your child’s future at risk because of criminal charges?

Your son or daughter should have their entire life ahead of them, but if they are put in juvenile hall, or convicted of a crime, their reputation, future career options, and their freedom could be at stake. Even for juveniles, the penalties can be severe, especially if they are tried as adults. Michael Levinsohn has the experience needed to help your son or daughter no matter how serious the charges may be. 

Did you know these facts about juvenile charges?

1. In certain types of cases, especially alleged violent crimes or sex crimes, a juvenile can be charged as an adult and face adult consequences if convicted.
2. Depending on the sentence received, the courts may attempt to take your child away until they are 18—sometimes much longer.
3. Juvenile sentencing frequently includes counseling and detention in a youth facility such as a boot camp or juvenile hall.

"Best Criminal Attorney!

I was charged with multiple felony counts. I had retained Michael Levinshon and watched him turn 11 felony counts into a full dismissal. He is an amazing attorney, and without his representation I'm not sure what my outcome may have been. He delivered what he promised!"

Juvenile Defense Case Study


Juvenile Defense Case Study


Juvenile Defense Case Study

The Jury's Verdict:

Not Guilty

Wax On, Wax Off: Case Study for Domestic Violence

Michael can help protect your child’s future.