Drugs & Narcotics

Are you facing drug charges, in either state or federal court?

If you’ve been charged with drug or narcotics crimes, you could be subject to seizure and forfeiture of your money, your car, and even your home. You could lose your job or have your children taken away. And if you have prior convictions on your record, you face more serious consequences, such as jail or prison time. Avoid these severe penalties—give Michael Levinsohn a call now.

Did you know these facts about drug laws?

1. Drug convictions can be misdemeanors or felonies, and will show up on background checks done by potential employers, landlords, and colleges/universities. This can prevent you from getting a job, an apartment, financial aid, or even keep you from graduating. And you will not be able to get security clearance to do government work.
2. If custody of your children is an issue, drug convictions can weigh heavily against your being granted access to your children.
3. Drug charges alone can lead to having your Green Card or work or student Visa revoked; drug convictions will almost certainly lead to deportation.
4. Even though recreational marijuana is legal in California, you can still face marijuana-related charges under certain conditions: if you are under 21, are in possession of more than six plants per household, or operate a vehicle under the influence.

Were you


by the cops?

If law enforcement officers searched your home, car, phone, business, or person, it can feel like a terrible violation of your privacy. But it can also be illegal if the search was done without a search warrant or probable cause. Knowing the legality of a search is crucial, especially if it has resulted in criminal charges. Michael Levinsohn will leave no stone unturned to determine whether your rights have been violated by an illegal search and seizure.

"He will argue, litigate, fight, and
represent to the death for you.

I was charged with felony drug convictions with multiple priors. I was looking at doing serious time for a nonviolent drug offense. It was a long road but at the end of the jury trial the jurors couldn't come up with a verdict twice, resulting in no conviction. This is where the litigating experience is needed which tons of attorneys cannot do well. He will argue, litigate, fight, and represent to the death for you.”
– Graham

Drug Charges with Search & Seizure Case Study:

Your House is Your Castle


Officers stop a package in the mail that has a lot of money in it (they can tell this by X-ray). The officers dress up as postal workers, and try to deliver the package of money to the addressee, thinking they’ll get inside the residence, poke around, and arrest him. They never get a search warrant.

The police ring the bell, get no answer, and go around to the back of the residence, where the door is slightly open. They go inside, smell marijuana, search the whole place, and arrest everyone there. 


The judge agrees that just because the back door was slightly open, there was no reason for the officers to assume that there had been a burglary and enter without a warrant. The case was dismissed, and the money was returned.


Michael can defend you against drug charges.