Domestic Violence

Are you facing a life-altering domestic violence charge?

Even just being accused of domestic violence can have severe consequences on your life. If charged with domestic violence, you can lose your job, your children, and your reputation—even if you’re innocent. California prosecutors have a lot of power to pursue a maximum sentence in domestic violence cases, even if the injury inflicted on the alleged victim is minimal.

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Did you know?

1. If you are charged with domestic violence in the state of California, a protective restraining order will automatically be issued by the court to prohibit your having contact with the alleged victim(s). This restraining order is held by the court, not by the accuser, so even if you were to reconcile with your accuser and get back together with them, you would be in violation of that restraining order so long as it is in place.
2. Anyone with a protective restraining order filed against them is prohibited from possessing firearms, and must surrender them if they are in possession.
3. Law officers are required to confiscate firearms when responding to domestic violence incidents.

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Wax On, Wax Off


A young woman becomes angry when she discovers that her boyfriend is using a dating app while he is still with her. He leaves, and she calls him later to pick up some of his belongings—in front of her apartment. Instead, she leaves the items upstairs, and when he arrives, she runs at him, hitting him with both hands.


He testifies, she testifies. He describes his defense against his girlfriend as, "Like ‘wax on, wax off’, from The Karate Kid ." Both of them had marks and bruises. However, photographs showed that the marks and bruises on the boyfriend were located where you’d expect for someone defending himself, whereas the girlfriend had bruising on her knuckles, which even she said she hit him with.

The Jury's Verdict:

Not Guilty

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