Case Types


If you’ve been charged with drug or narcotics crimes, you could be subject to seizure and forfeiture of your money, your car, and even your home. You could lose your job or have your children taken away. And if you have prior convictions on your record, you face more serious consequences, such as jail or prison time.

Sex Charges

“Collateral damage” from a sex crime allegation is often worse than the sentence you could receive if convicted. A sex crime accusation is not only humiliating, but you will have to register as a sex offender.  That can cause you to lose your job, your gun rights, and even your children.

Gun Charges

If you’ve been subjected to unreasonable search and seizure and are facing gun charges, your 2nd Amendment right could be at stake. And if you’ve been charged with “gun enhancements” you could be subject to serious consequences.

Domestic Violence

Even just being accused of domestic violence can have severe consequences on your life. If charged with domestic violence, you can lose your job, your children, and your reputation—even if you’re innocent.


Common consequences for theft or fraud conviction include losing your money and your job, and it will be ten times harder for you to get a new job if convicted.


If you’re convicted of a DUI, you could lose your driver’s license, pay high fines, and spend time in jail. Even a temporary suspension of your driver’s license can lead to loss of your job and your freedom.

Juvenile Defense

Your son or daughter should have their entire life ahead of them, but if they are put in juvenile hall, or convicted of a crime, their reputation and future career options could be at stake.

Record Clearance

You have the right to seek record clearance and expungement, a pardon, or a certificate of rehabilitation, especially if you were given bad legal advice in the past that resulted in a criminal conviction.

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