About Michael Levinsohn

For 30 years, Michael Levinsohn has been defending the unjustly accused of central and Southern California. After being a Deputy Public Defender for two years, Michael became a Private Criminal Defense Attorney in 1992. His litigation skills in the courtroom are legendary—for two consecutive years, he was nominated a Top 100 Trial Lawyer. But what really sets Michael apart as a criminal defense attorney is his loyalty and unflinching dedication to defending his clients.

Michael has defended clients in over 60 jury trials, and won well over 50 percent of them, including trials for rape, sex assault, domestic violence, narcotics sales, marijuana sales, money laundering, theft, DUI, assault, and battery. He has also represented hundreds of marijuana growers, transporters, and dispensary owners here in California. While Michael defends individuals in all types of criminal cases in both California state and federal court, he specializes in high-stakes cases that involve serious felonies.


Law School

University of Minnesota-Minneapolis, Minnesota
J.D. , 1989

Bar Admission

California, 1990

Nominated Two Consecutive Years
as a Top 100 Trial Lawyer

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Listen to Michael's Recent Podcast

Coffee Talk 11 with Michael Levinsohn

Michael discusses the legal aspects of practicing cannabis medicine, including the need for more clinicians who are educated in cannabis medicine to help guide patients and defend them should they run into legal trouble and specific issues related to treating children with cannabis.

Upcoming Event: CannMed 2021


I will discuss the legal aspects of practicing cannabis medicine: The obligations and limitations of a physician. Specific issues in treating children. Questions about driving, and traveling. Backing up your patients in court if necessary. The differences between a prescription and a recommendation. The legal status of hemp-derived cannabis medicine and supplements.

Michael can defend you against criminal charges.