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"He will argue, litigate, fight, and
represent to the death for you.

I was charged with felony drug convictions with multiple priors. I was looking at doing serious time for a nonviolent drug offense. It was a long road but at the end of the trial the jurors couldn't come up with a verdict twice, resulting in no conviction. This is where the litigating experience is needed which tons of attorneys cannot do well."

What Kind Of

Criminal Charges

Are You Facing?

Are you facing serious drug charges?

Have you been wrongfully accused of sex crimes?

Are your 2nd Amendment rights under threat?

Are you facing a life-altering domestic violence charge?

Have you been charged with theft or fraud?

Could you lose your driver’s license?

Is your child’s future at risk?

Do you need to clear your record?

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About Michael Levinsohn

For 30 years, Michael Levinsohn has been defending the unjustly accused of central and Southern California. His litigation skills in the courtroom are legendary—for two consecutive years, he was nominated a Top 100 Trial Lawyer. But what really sets Michael apart as a criminal defense attorney is his loyalty and unflinching dedication to defending his clients.

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